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Lightweight Series

MSRP* $1,929
*Value does not include freight, pdi and applicable taxes.

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  • Ultra-compact and lightweight cycloconverter design - 30% lighter than conventional models
  • Large muffler offers 68 dB(A) noise level at rated load
  • 3000 watts of power, continuous-rated output of over 20 amps


  • Majority of electrical hand tools, lighting for construction sites or extra power source for most heaters and sump pumps (individually).
Lightweight Series

Save your vehicle cargo-carrying capacity with Honda’s lightweight series.

DC Charge Cord Set
$28.75 MSRP

10' DC charging cords allow 12V DC charging at 15A.


Powered by Honda’s reliable, GX200, OHV, 4-stroke engine, the EM3000CKC delivers 3000 watts of peak output and is approximately 30% more compact than conventional designs, not to mention lighter.

With a continuous-rated output of over 21 amps, the EM3000CKC will operate most handheld electrical tools, making it perfect for light construction, weekend projects at the cottage or as a practical, home stand-by power source capable of powering most furnace fans and sump pumps (individually).

Other standard features include a full-frame design, 12 VDC battery-charging capability, convenient circuit-breaker construction, a 10.2-litre fuel tank that allows up to 6 hours of continuous running, and a rubber-mount system for smooth operation.


As a testament to their quality and reliability, all Honda generators come with a warranty of 36 months for non-commercial use and 36 months for commercial use.

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Why Buy a Honda Generator?

Honda generators are powered by quiet, efficient, easy to start 4-stroke Honda engines. This offers many advantages, including cleaner and quieter operation, fewer fill ups, reduced ownership costs and lower emissions.

Our latest inverter models are smaller, lighter and quieter than ever before, and many Honda generators produce voltage that is smoother and more consistent than other commercially available power sources.

Honda Advantage Technologies

Today, Honda generators are at work around the world – from equatorial jungles to research posts north of the Arctic Circle. Over 30 years of power-equipment development by Honda engineers have given rise to a varied line of hard-working generators with exclusive technologies and features.

CSA Approved

All Honda Generators meet or exceed CSA (Canadian Standards Association) safety and EPA emissions standards. Not all manufacturers of portable generators can make this claim.

Cold Climate Technology

Honda's industry leading "Cold Climate Technology" is specifically designed for our cold Canadian winters. Our exclusive breather heater system helps keep the crankcase ventilation tube free of ice formation and helps prevent generator shutdown.

Super Quiet

Honda's Super Quiet portable generators feature exhaust and muffler technology that give them lower noise ratings within the 48-60-decibel level (dB-A) ranges, so you'll never have to worry about disturbing your neighbours – or your own peace and quiet.

Dual Voltage Selection

Honda’s high-output generators offer the best in electrical standby power and are available in 5000 to 6500-watt categories. The dual voltage inverter configuration allows you to power up appliances that require 120 or 240 volts.


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