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Single Stage

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  • Single-stage, semi-self propelled auger drive, clears a 20 in/51 cm width, 12 in/30.5 cm high
  • Honda premium residential engine GC190, 4-stroke, overhead cam (OHC)
  • SnowDirector chute control for easy control of distance and direction


  • Residential snow removal
Single Stage

Compact, lightweight and easy to handle. Ideal for city homes, smaller driveways and walkways.


Compact and convenient, the all new HS720C offers the performance of a larger snow blower with the benefits of a single stage unit. At only 40.3 kg (88.8 lb), the HS720C is lightweight and manoeuvrable. It is powered by a powerful, easy to start and fuel efficient GC190, 4-stroke, overhead cam (OHC) Honda premium residential engine and it clears a 20-inch (50.8-cm) path. Since the auger-assist drive helps pull you along on most surfaces and cleans close to the surface without damaging it, it is perfect for walkways, paved and interlocking-stone driveways.

Other standard features include a convenient and simple Snow Director chute controls for quick and easy control of distance and direction adjustments (up, down, left or right), an 10-m (32.8-ft.) maximum-throw distance,* and a quick-release single-lever auger control. Also standard is a compact design with a two-piece, folding control handle for easy transport and storage.

Also available in a 120 VAC, electric-start model, the HS720CS.

*Throw distance varies with snow conditions.

Additional Features:
● High capacity snow removal - up to 45 metric tons/hr (50 tons/hr)
● Extra large starter grip to accommodate gloves or mittens
● Large fuel cap and fuel opening make it easy to re-fuel, even with gloves on
● Designed for ease of maintenance. Draining the engine oil and fuel are easy.
● The spark plug is very easy to access for replacement.
● Durable metal chute and auger with replaceable rubber paddles.

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Why Buy a Honda Snowblower?

Powered by reliable Honda 4-stroke engines that don't mix oil and gas, our dual-stage and single-stage snowblowers are exceptionally quiet, efficient and easy to use. They start reliably in cold weather and provide proven power for clearing even the heaviest snow.

Honda Advantage Technologies

Honda has been making state-of-the-art snowblowers since 1981. During this time our engineers have continued to create a full range of innovative features that make snow clearing smoother, cleaner and easier. These advanced technologies are what make Honda snowblowers renowned worldwide.

Honda Track Drive

The Honda dual track drive system makes for superior traction through practically any snow condition. Our track drive snowblowers feature pliable, low-temperature rubber tracks with sure-gripping cleats that support the snowblower’s weight and provide solid traction. That means it’s the best machine for clearing interlocking stone driveways and sidewalks, steep inclines and steps since the auger glides over the surface. Honda’s tried-and-true dual track drive is available on the widest range of models, from the HS622TC to the top-of-the-line HSM1336iC Hybrid.

(Available on HSM1336iC Hybrid, HS1132TC/TCS, HS928TC/TCD, HS724TC/TCD, HS622TC/TCS models)

HydrostaticTM Transmission Control

Control of forward and reverse speed is simplicity itself with Honda’s hydrostatic transmission – standard on HS724, HS928 and HS1132 series snowblowers. A single lever (operated with one hand) accurately adjusts ground speed without affecting auger rotation speed. The farther you move the lever, the faster your Honda snowblower moves – push forward to move ahead; pull back for reverse. Infinitely variable speed means it’s easy to set the pace for every snow condition and personal preference.

(Available on all models except HS520, HS621, HS622 and HSM1336iC Hybrid).

Electric Chute Joystick Control

You can control the deflection and direction of the snow discharge through the remote chute with the touch of a finger by moving the convenient electric chute joystick control up and down, left and right.

(Available on TCD and Hybrid models only).

120 VAC Starting System

For those who prefer an electric starter the HS520CS, HS621CS, HS622TCS and HS1132TCS models come with a standard 120 VAC electric starter to make the job even easier. Just plug in an extension cord, push a button, unplug and go.

Honda electric start snowblowers also have a recoil starter with an oversized grip for easy starting when an electric outlet is not convenient.


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    *Value does not include freight, pdi and applicable taxes.