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How to Safely Transport Your Honda Power Equipment

Whether it’s for service, repair or to lend friends and family a helping hand, transporting Honda Power Equipment can be a tricky task. If you are required to transport your Honda Power Equipment product for any reason, please follow proper safety precautions and review all applicable product instructions. Consult your owner’s manual to ensure your safety and proper product care when following the transport tips below.


Always turn the ignition switch to the stop (O) position and make sure the fuel cap is securely tightened


No matter what the product you must turn the fuel valve to the off position before transporting


If the engine has been running, allow it to cool for at least 15 min before loading power equipment on the transport vehicle


If the fuel valve (TAP) is left on, bouncing during transportation causes fuel to slip past the needle and seat in the carburetor. This fuel could then travel into the intake port and cylinder causing problems such as hard starting, oil dilution and hydraulic lock


In most cases keeping your power equipment unit in its natural operation position (standing up) is best to prevent any spillage


To prevent your engine from accidentally starting, it is also preferable to remove the spark plug cap before transporting anywhere

For more specific tips on how your can safely transport your power equipment products, please refer to your owner’s manual or contact an authorized Honda Power Equipment retailer.

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