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For Gardeners Series

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  • Honda GX160 OHV 4-stroke mini engine
  • 91.4 cm (36”) tilling width suitable for mid-sized gardens
  • 2-forward speeds plus reverse for ease of use
  • Ergonomically arranged controls for safe, convenient operation
  • Three-way adjustable handlebar


  • Tilling and edging flowerbeds and vegetable gardens
For Gardeners Series

Our mini-tillers and mid-tine tillers are perfect for small and medium gardening jobs.,


The Honda F501K7C2 is light and compact enough for easy transportation in a variety of vehicles. The Honda engine in this no-nonsense, mid-tine design gives this model the power and maneuverability for medium sized tilling job.

Standard features include 3-way adjustable handlebars, 2-forward speeds plus-reverse, narrow gear case for deeper tilling, adjustable depth bar, quick-release clutch lever, retractable front-transport wheel and a wide 91.4 cm (36") tilling path.

For versatility and mid-sized performance, you can’t beat the Honda F501 Tiller.


As a testament to their quality and reliability, most Honda tillers come with a warranty of 36 months for non-commercial use and 36 months for commercial use.

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Why Buy a Honda Tiller?

Honda tillers are powered by 4-stroke engines that don't mix oil and gas, and that run clean enough to pass or exceed all CARB and EPA emission standards. Honda's tillers are smooth running and exceptionally quiet and our tine designs make short work of tough jobs. A single pass with a Honda tiller will comfortably leave behind just what you want – fully conditioned soil

Honda Advantage Technologies

You might notice that Honda tillers don't look quite like most others. That's because we believe the best can always be improved upon. Each Honda tiller is built using cutting-edge technology and innovation you just won’t find anywhere else. We've proven that tillers can be powerful without being noisy, overweight and cumbersome. All you have to do is try one to see and feel the difference.

Superior Element Air Filtration System

This high-quality, premium air filter protects the tiller from its dusty work environment. For example, the FR800C model features Honda's "Cyclone" air filter, which extends filter service interval and provides extra protection in extreme dust conditions.

Commercial Grade Transmission

Thanks to a significantly lighter engine, heavy-duty commercial-grade components have been added without compromising the unit’s overall portability. These include a commercial grade transmission with a heavy-duty drive gear not all. Can use the small text about transmission attached, a front engine guard for added protection and our exclusive Honda-designed hybrid digging/cultivating tines.

Tilling Widths

There are 5 Honda tiller models with tilling widths ranging from 15 cm (6”) to 92 cm (36”). Our smallest, the FG110K1C mini tiller has a 23 cm (9”) tilling width, which is perfect for working in smaller gardens. Its outer tines can be removed to create an impressively narrow 6-inch (15 cm) tilling width for tight spaces. The F501 mid-tine tillers range from 60 cm (24”) to 92 cm (36”), making them ideal for tackling large residential lots. Each of the rear-tine tillers either FR650C or FRC800C has a 51 cm (20”) tilling width.

Rear Tine ARSTM Active Rotary System

The Active Rotary System featured exclusively on the FR650C model includes Honda’s patented co-axial counter-rotating tine drive system, where each tine is balanced with a tine rotating in the opposite direction. The action works just like a powerful mixer made for soil, resulting in optimum soil texture with minimum effort.

Handle Height Adjustment

Honda’s mid-tine tillers have a 3-position handle height adjustment feature and its rear-tine tillers offer both 3-position and 4-position handle height adjustment. Lightweight and easy to operate, the adjustable handle height provides more comfort while you work. The F220C mid-tine model also features fold-down handles so it will fit easily into your trunk.

(3-Position Handle Height Adjustment on F220C, F501K2C2; 4-Position Handle Height Adjustment on FRC800C; Folding Handle is standard on FG110K1C and F220C)


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    *Value does not include freight, pdi and applicable taxes.